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Name: __________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
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TRA/NAR#: ___________ Certification Level:   1    2    3


Agreement and Release
This Agreement is between Star Rocketry/Jim Cooper and the undersigned Buyer. WHEREAS the Buyer desires to purchase a certain product or products used in rocketry ("Product") from Star Rocketry/Jim Cooper; and, WHEREAS, Star Rocketry/Jim Cooper is only willing to sell the Product to the Buyer upon the terms and conditions listed below.

1.Assumption of Risk: Buyer understands and acknowledges that use of the Product can be dangerous and that property damage, personal injury or death could result from its use. Buyer assumes all risks, responsibilities and liabilities relating to the use of the Product.

2.Compliance: Use of the Product by the Buyer shall be in strict compliance with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, safety rules, regulations and precautions pertaining to the Product.

3.Use Only By Adults: Buyer must be at least eighteen years old and keep the product under his/her control and
be TRA and/or NAR certified.

4.Release and Indemnity: Buyer hereby releases and forever discharges Star Rocketry/Jim Cooper from any and all actions, omissions, causes of action, rights, suits, contracts, agreements, judgments, claims, injuries and damages whatsoever in either law or in equity, which heretofore have been or which may hereafter be sustained by Buyer in connection with or as a result of, directly or indirectly the use of the Product. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Star Rocketry/Jim Cooper harmless from any and all suits, claims, damages and actions in connection with the purchase, use, possession, distribution, handling or storage of the Product.

5.Understanding of Agreement: Buyer has read the foregoing Agreement, understands it and agrees to comply with it in all regards and respects. Buyer understands and acknowledges that unless or until this Agreement is signed by the Buyer, the Product will not be sold to the Buyer. This Agreement will be binding upon this purchase and any other purchase made by the Buyer from Star Rocketry/Jim Cooper in the future.

Signature of Buyer:______________________________________ Date:___________________


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