835cc Motor System, Hammerhead J Package - 54mm with stainless steel bell

The 835cc Motor System, Hammerhead J Package comes with 835cc 54mm tank, injector bell, 2 standard J fuel grains, 1 HyEFX fuel grain, tie straps, and one orifice which give you the following engine combination: (These are curves for the old style tanks)


J317 with .172 orifice

J330FX with .172 orifice

K240 with .125 orifice


The 835cc Motor System looks like the following:

Front view    Side View
Side View, partially unscrewed   Side View, unscrewed


Unscrewed all the way.

Simply drop in Kline valve o-ring and screw liner back in!  No more fiddling around trying to seat the O-ring properly!



Required for Launch:     Basic Fill / Fire Launch Control System (previously called GSE) and J/L Fill Stem Assembly.


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