440cc Motor System, J Package

The 440cc Motor System, J Package with stainless steel bell, comes with 54mm tank, injector bell, 2 standard J fuel grains, 1 HyEFX J fuel grain, tie straps, and four orifices which give you the following engine combinations:

J115 with .076 orifice 

J120FX with .076 orifice

J170 with .098 orifice

J250 with .125 orifice

J270FX with .125 orifice

260 with .172 orifice 

J295FX with .172 orifice 


The 440cc Motor System looks like the following:

Front view    Side View
Side View, partially unscrewed   Side View, unscrewed


Unscrewed all the way.

Simply drop in Kline valve o-ring and screw liner back in!  No more fiddling around trying to seat the O-ring properly!




Required for Launch:     Basic Fill / Fire Launch Control System (previously called GSE) and J/L Fill Stem Assembly.


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